Dark Romance BookDark romance fantasy is my game.
M Kay is my author name.
If you enjoy bad boys and alpha males, plucky damsels in distress, and some limit-pushing steamy and erotic romance, you’ve arrived. Prepare to enjoy some titillation and even catharsis. Just take heed that you’re about to embark upon a sensual adventure that could include a few spankings and more than a few orgasms. Oh, don’t forget about the fantasy adventure settings. This isn’t real life. This is dark romance.

What is a Dark Romance Book?

Dark romance isn’t exactly the same as BDSM romance. Sure, you’ve got similar themes of dominance, submission, and control. Many BDSM readers also enjoy dark fantasy. Still, with dark romance, you’re in a fantasy setting that might range from true fantasy to a billionaire’s jet-set world, so the rules are somewhat different. Don’t worry, it’s still a romance, so you’ve got romance, certain limits, and of course, an HEA or HFN.

Typically, BDSM stories tend to take place in the “real” world or some close alternate and may or may not be classified as true romance books. Of course, dark romance books can contain elements of BDSM, just as BDSM books may contain some elements of dark fantasy. Nobody likes rules to contain them, but on the other hand, readers like to know what to expect.