Captive of the Dark Elves

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Readers classify “Captive of the Dark Elves” as a reverse harem dark romance. The plot’s complex enough to keep you interested in the strong female heroine, Talia, and her dark elf suitors, Adan, Rolf, and Sandor. Don’t worry, besides the other action, Talia will also get to enjoy plenty of steamy action at the hands of her loving captors.

Talia: Captain Adan, only a fool would enter dark elf land on false pretenses. Now you have me on my knees before you, helpless. Yet, you remember me. My grandfather saved your life!

Adan: No matter. Now you’re my thrall to claim. Before I can complete my claim, you’ll need to agree to our bargain and then of course, experience my discipline. Your pleas delight me. As a dark elf, I drink your fear like sweat wine.

Talia: I should be afraid for my life. Instead, I’m ready to open myself to this powerful and angry creature.

Anyway, you get the idea. Adan and his bond brothers, Sandor and Rolf, defeat the soldiers who brought Talia along as an Elfin language translator. They claim Talia as their own thrall. The dominant elves discipline Talia for the treachery of her father’s men, and it gets steamier from there. Yes, there is a plot and an HEA in this dark romance reverse harem story.

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