Dark Romance Readers: Lose the Shame and Guilt

I stumbled upon a social post that discussed other social posters who tried to make people feel guilty about reading dark romances. Sure, dark romances often feature morally grey or even very dark heroes. Along with that, we have heroines who end up wanting nothing more but to have sex with them.

Not only do we root for our main characters, we can imagine ourselves sharing a bed. Obviously, we let these alpha males take control because the stories are engaging and let’s admit it, titillating.

There’s no reason to feel bad about lusting after the bad boy. First, the world of literature would be a big snooze fest if it only featured perfectly puritanical main characters. First, it’s only a story. Nobody gets hurt in real life. In the 60’s, people said that violent cartoons, like Roadrunner, would inspire a generation of serial killers. That didn’t happen, and some might say that the only way to bring darker emotions into the light is to explore them.

In fact, reading dark romance allows some readers a chance to confront their fears and enjoy a moment of cleansing. If you feel bad after you read about enjoying the steamy parts of a dark romance, go ahead and volunteer at the animal shelter or donate a few bucks to your favorite charity. Then keep your eyes out for the next book.

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