Taken by the Blood Coven

Find Taken by the Blood Coven on Amazon. This paranormal dark romance reverse harem book is also free on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy some vampire lore and world building along with plenty of steamy action.

For instance:

A bird shrieked behind me. I whirled to find my window open and a large raven on the sill. I Instead of fleeing like a normal bird, the creature spread its wings and glided to the floor at my feet.

From there, it stared at me with an expression of malevolence for a moment. As I stared back, the raven materialized into a tall and burly man with flax-colored hair.

“Quiet, little bird,” he said.

“Did you kill Sasha?” I asked. My voice quaked with fear.

“He was here to kill you. My companions and I arrived to offer you a second chance to live.” He reached up and stroked my chin. I felt a surprising charge at the light touch and could barely suppress a tremor as his fingers moved to trace the curve of my lips.

He studied my reaction and grinned. His lips curled up to reveal razor—sharp incisors. “If you agree to serve us, we can protect you.”

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